GB Assist team assists clients with lunch and learn sessions

Our GB Assist personal injury consultancy team has recently hosted two ‘lunch and learn’ sessions with client, JJ Richards in order to build a shared understanding of the latest legislation, processes and policies.

The sessions were organised and facilitated by Learning and Development Specialists Chantale Morkoss and Sophie Potter, and Subject Matter Experts Matthew Roche and Tarryn Pavicic and delivered to JJ Richards by a national video conference. 

The sessions covered Victorian legislation and included a discussion on topics such as the 52 week suitable duties count, Pre Injury Average Weekly Earnings (PIAWE) and non-compliance.

The sessions allow our GB Assist team and our clients to be on the same page and facilitate an aligned Return to Work process for the injured worker and the employer.

During one of the sessions members from Gallagher Basset’s case management team that manage the JJ Richards portfolio in Victoria attended. This was found to be beneficial for all parties involved, particularly when discussing non-compliance processes and policies.

The individuals involved in the session said it helped with getting on the same page and was a great reminder that we all need to work together to achieve desired outcomes while adhering to timeframes and obligations. 

 National Self Insurance Manager, Ben Sheat spoke of the success of the lunch and learn sessions.

 “We aim to foster long term relationships with our customers by providing them with solutions that help meet their goals. The lunch and learn sessions have proven to be a great success with really positive outcomes for the client, the injured workers and the claims staff involved and we look forward to how these will be of benefit moving forward.”

Due to the success of the first two sessions, our Learning and Development team and GB Assist team will be continuing to run training sessions via video conference on a range of topics from 130 Week count, Conciliation, Medical treatment post claim closure (period of 12 months) and Impairment Benefits.

At Gallagher Bassett we endeavour to be a customer’s ‘trusted business partner’ so we a dedicated to ensuring we understand our customers goals. If you are interested in attending or participating in client training or a lunch and learn session, please contact us here.

Vid Conference.jpg

GB team members during the video conference with JJ Richards.

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