GB Gentle Bear Backs Movember For Men’s Health With Free Poster Collection

Since its inception in Australia in 2003 the Movember movement has raised more than $769 million dollars for men’s health.

Originally envisaged as a way to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer the Movember movement has grown internationally, and been used to raise money and awareness for more than 1200 different men's health issues.

Movember is celebrated in thousands of offices around Australia and this year, to lend a hand, GB Gentle Bear is lending his mug to Movember.

In a new collection of posters, released today on GB Poster Designer, GB Gentle Bear shows off his spruce new ‘stache with a host of new slogans promoting Movember and men’s health.

The customisation tools in GB Poster Designer allow employers to download the posters and use them to raise awareness of their own Movember celebrations.

Poster Designer was named a finalist for Insurtech Program of the Year by ANZIIF this year. The Movember posters can be accessed here.

In addition to the posters, GB is hosting its own internal fundraising efforts for Movember.

Lead by GB Chief Operating Officer Brad Smith, GBers around Australia have been challenged to grow the mo’ for men’s health.

GB Gentle Bear is the face of GB’s global charitable efforts. Since 2007 more than 15,000 Gentle Bear teddies have been donated to emergency service organisations to use in their work with children.


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