Working Better By Improving Work-Life Balance When Working From Home

When your office sits inside your home, it's easy to lose sight of a work-life balance. Start working better by following our guide for working from home.

Worldwide, 7 out of 10 people work from home at least once per week. 

However, this number is expected to rise dramatically. But, when you're working from home, it can be tempting to climb back into bed for a mid-morning nap. 

This is where your life-work balance becomes extremely important. If you get it right, this balance will result in you working better and enjoying your free time too! 

In this article, we'll show you how to improve this balance with a few simple tips and tricks.

1. Always Get Dressed

This is the first tip that people who work from home will tell you. If you want to be productive, sitting around in your pyjamas all day simply won't help you. 

If you, instead, get up out of bed, have a shower, put on work clothes you'll feel ready for the day. 

This signals to your brain that there is a clear difference between lounging around and work time.

2. Schedule Your Time

Before you begin work, figure out the hours that you enjoy working and are most productive. 

Schedule your day by the hour to ensure you have enough time to get everything done, but also enough time to relax. 

Working from home can make you feel as though you should be on your computer late into the night. You need to set a schedule to remind yourself of your endpoint and that you can pick it up again tomorrow. 

Don’t log on as soon as you wake up. Instead of jumping out of bed and switching on your computer, give yourself time to wake up properly.

Do some morning yoga, make a cup of coffee, and mentally prepare yourself for the day. 

Furthermore, don't miss out on eating a hearty breakfast. This can set you up for the rest of the day and ensure you are focused and productive. You will also find that you don't snack on unhealthy foods!

3. Set up a Home Office

If you have the space in your home, then having a dedicated room that you do your work in is ideal. 

By physically going to a different part of the house, you won't be tempted to get comfortable on the sofa. To avoid distractions, make sure you can shut the door on your workspace and don't have a TV or radio playing.

4. Take Regular Breaks

If your home office is effective at keeping your mind distraction-free, you may find yourself hitting your flow and working all afternoon!

This is great for when you're at your most productive, but when you're struggling to get in the right frame of mind, breaks are your friend. 

It sounds counter-intuitive, but by setting a 30-minute timer and giving yourself a ten-minute break at the end, you'll feel motivated to work harder.

During this break time, do something away from your screen. Perhaps play with your pet, make a coffee, or go for a walk. Don't look at a screen and leave your office space. 

5. Eat a Delicious Lunch 

One of the benefits of working from home is that you can make fresh food for yourself. Make sure you have some delicious ingredients ready to go and whip up a light meal for lunch. 

A tasty salad is a great way to keep your energy levels up. It will also ensure you don't suffer from brain fog mid-afternoon. 

By having healthy meals and snacks ready to go in advance, you'll be able to stop yourself from snacking on unhealthy foods when you hit a slump. 

6. Learn to Switch Off

When it comes to the end of the day, let your coworkers know that you're finishing up and won't be contactable. 

Don't let your work take control of your life just because it's based in your home. Set do not disturb notices on work software or apps and turn off notifications. 

By doing this, you will ensure that you gain some much-needed balance. You'll be able to properly connect with family and enjoy your downtime. 

If you struggle to turn your computer off in the evening, then make plans with friends so that you physically have something else to focus your attention on. 

7. Take Care of Your Health 

Are you regularly feeling lonely? Then, it's time to connect with others. This could either be by talking to colleagues via Zoom or making a video call. 

Furthermore, choose a chair which supports your back or even buy a table which can be raised so you can spend some of your day standing up. 

During your breaks, why not do a little exercise? You'll boost your health and feel a surge of endorphins. 

Finally, if your mental health is struggling, begin implementing healthy routines into your day that can help improve your wellbeing. 

This could be spending ten minutes writing down what you're grateful for, having a quick tidy up around the house, or making sure you have regular sleeping hours. 

These Tips for Working Better Will Assist Your Productivity

If you're new to working from home, setting up a routine that is best for you will ensure you're productive, but also able to balance your personal life too. 

Having a good work-life balance will enable you to spend time with the people you love which will help you to start working better during the workday. 

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Disclaimer: The advice and guidelines recommended in this article may change in the future as more and new information becomes available.

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