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My Onboarding Experience - Nicola Luk-Tung

How did you feel when you received your Onboarding Schedule?

I really enjoyed the 90-day onboarding schedule. The topics and sessions were thorough and made me feel well prepared to hit the ground running in my new role. 

Did the onboarding plan meet or exceed your expectations and why?

As a facilitator myself I know the importance of being able to engage learners and transfer knowledge in an effective way. The onboarding plan exceeded my expectations. 

Whether you are new to the industry or an old-timer, there’s something everyone can take away from the sessions.

As a new team member onboarding, our goal was to provide you with the information you needed about the business and help set you up for success early in your journey. How successful were we in achieving this objective for you?

I would say the onboarding objectives were certainly achieved. The schedule has been clear about the vision and culture here at Gallagher Bassett. 

What would you say to new starters about your onboarding experience?

To enjoy the experience and take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions, get to know your colleagues and set yourself up for success in your role.



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