That’s a wrap - Highlights from interviews with some of GB’s ambitious female leaders

In honour of International Women’s Day (Wednesday 8th of March) we dedicated the month of March to celebrating the accomplishments of some the many inspiring female leaders we work with here at GB. We were fortunate enough to sit down with eight of female leaders from across the business to talk about career progression, professional highlights and their time spent at GB.

We have included links to each of the interviews below as well as a few stand out comments from each one:

Chenoa Daley, General Manager of People and Performance, on what she enjoys the most about working at GB:

“The diversity of our people, the family feel that comes right from the top, yet the opportunities that steam from working for a large and solid global organization.GB provides an incredibly supportive and respectful working environment. The other leaders at GB have always given me autonomy to own my own space, try new things and drive positive change.”

Steph Connolly, Victorian Assistant Operations Manager spoke of the support GB has provided her throughout the development and progression of her career:

“GB has supported me by always providing me with the tools and support required to develop. They have given me endless opportunities to enhance my skillset and have pushed me out of my comfort zone. This has greatly assisted me in my career as it has allowed me to always put my best foot forward.”

National Business Development Manager, Laura Bradley spoke of some of her proudest accomplishments while working at GB:

“I was part of the team who helped get our mobile case managers on the road in South Australia. This was the first time mobile case management had been piloted in Australia – being part of the team who got it up and running and seeing how successful it’s been in improving service to employers and injured workers in South Australia was incredibly satisfying.”

South Australian Claims Operations Manager, Teresa Holding reflected on how her experience benefits out clients:

“At Gallagher Bassett we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers. We guard our client’s reputation by delivering exceptional service to their customers. We are passionate about what we do and the outcomes we deliver. We work collaboratively with our clients in an environment of trust, transparency and respect.”

National Performance and Capability Manager, Jodie Birleson talked about how her role impacts clients:

“My role and the functions I am responsible for help to build client confidence that we have a capable and competent workforce to not only manage their claims and provide great customer service, but to also protect their brand and reputation in the marketplace. We do this by ensuring staff have the skills and knowledge to do their jobs effectively and are compliant with the necessary legislation, regulations and legal requirements.”

Operations Manager, Michelle Scott reported back on what she is most looking forward to being involved in at GB this year:

“We are operating in an increasingly digital world with people looking for more effective and efficient ways of interacting with businesses. There are a number of IT innovations on the horizon in the next 12 months that will improve the way we interact and provide our expertise to our client and our claimants. For example, IT have developed a protype of an app to enable the lodgement of medical expenses claims via smart phones or tablets which will significantly streamline the submission of claims, enable us to be more responsive and improve the claimant experience. All of which translate to a happy client.”

Team Manager, Nadine Tumataroa explained what she enjoys most about working with our clients:

"I worked on a client’s site for almost 4 years and upon my return to Brisbane, I had a true understanding of ‘client needs and expectations’ and how to reasonably deliver those to the client. I also learned how to better communicate with a client in all aspects of the relationship and demonstrate that GB are a trusted service provider and do actually deliver high standards of service.”

Executive Director of Sales, Account Management and Self Insurance, Stacey Williams on what she enjoys most about working at GB:

"Throughout my career at GB I have been provided with many opportunities to move and grow within the business. There is a great culture here at GB where we are trusted with being creative, taking risks and making decisions."

We are proud of the many accomplishments of all of the women we have working here at GB. The purpose of interviewing some of the many female leaders we have at GB was to spotlight the contribution of these inspiring women to Gallagher Bassett, and the insurance industry as a whole.

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