Strengthening Safety For All Victorians

Gallagher Bassett (GB) is pleased to host a free Victorian Workers’ Compensation Seminar on Thursday 14th November 2019 at the Intercontinental Melbourne.

The seminar is hosted by media personality, Elsie May and features presentations from the below speakers:

  • Julie Neilsen, Executive Director Health & Safety, WorkSafe
  • Patrizia Cassaniti, Touched by Christopher
  • Terry Wong General Manager, Move 4 Life
  • Damian and Rae Panlock
  • Rachel Cubela, Principal, Cubela & Co
  • Dr Dielle Felman, Occupational Psychiatrist,
  • Mark Belanti, Senior Rehabilitation Provider/Psychologist

John McNamara, GB Australia CEO, will also speak at the event and remarked,

“We’re excited to be hosting the upcoming Victorian Workers’ Compensation Seminar. The event is a fantastic opportunity for attendees to hear from inspiring keynote speakers.”

Topics covered over the seminar include:

  • Strengthening workplace safety for all Victorians: Learn how WorkSafe is strengthening workplace safety and hear about some of our current areas of focus around prevention strategies, compliance and enforcement designed to meet the needs and expectations of Victoria’s workers, injured workers, employers and community.
  • Reality of a safety tragedy: After the tragic loss of her son Christopher to a fatal scaffolding accident in April 2019, Patrizia Cassaniti is on a mission to make safety a priority and reign in a law that will ensure employers are securing the safety of their workers and have the ability to speak up with confidence, without being victimized.
  • The changing landscape of OH&S regulation and enforcement: There are some significant developments in the regulation and enforcement of OH&S laws across the country, including the first terms of imprisonment ever imposed on individuals and the pending introduction of the offence of ‘workplace manslaughter’ in Victoria. Now is an important time for employers to ensure they are aware of their OH&S obligations and best practice.
  • Do you have an ageing workforce? Move 4 Life tells us how to build physical resilience in an ageing workforce, reducing sprain and strain injuries, improve wellbeing and promote career longevity.
  • Occupational Violence & Aggression in the workplace is never OK!: Learn & understand why explosive behaviour occurs and how to respond and support people to change their inappropriate behaviours and work towards a zero-tolerance in your workplace.
  • Brodie’s Law – Taking a stand against workplace bullying: Damian and Rae Panlock are passionate about spreading the anti-bullying message to workplaces and organizations across Australia. As part of their heartfelt presentation, Damian and Rae share Brodie’s story and the work they are undertaking to help prevent workplace bullying.
  • Managing mental injury claims: Mental injury claims can be complex to manage. Rachel will navigate us through the legalities of managing mental injury claims from eligibility through to Common Law.
  • Achieving better return to work outcomes for mental injuries: Dr Dielle Felman, Occupational Psychiatrist and Mark Belanti, Psychologist will share their wisdom on why early intervention and treating doctor education are vital for both workers and employers.

To register your attendance and not miss out, email prior to 8/11/2019.

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