Melbourne to Adelaide and everywhere in between: The Pain Revolution Ride

On Sunday 9th of April GB’s Shaun Meehan, SA’s General Manager completed the 7-day Pain Revolution Cycle from Melbourne to Adelaide, along with some of Australia’s most respected pain scientists, physicians, physiotherapists and GPs.

The aim of the event was not only to raise funds for Pain Revolution research and improve the treatment of persistent (chronic) pain, but also to increase awareness of the impacts of persistent pain on society.

Well done to Shaun for participating and completing the ride! It would have been no easy feat!

We share with you Shaun’s daily update while making the 718km journey across Australia.


I am pleased to say that we have all arrived safely in Ballarat!  Today was a 137km ride with a killer 20% gradient hill at 80kms…which hurt.  Can you believe I had a puncture just 20kms in!

Prof.  Lorimer Moseley held a really interesting seminar this evening for the Ballarat Public to drive the Pain Revolution!   There was a good deal of interest which is really promising.

It’s going to be tough to back up again tomorrow however the weather conditions appear favourable for our leg to Lorne.  Another 130kms tomorrow!

We had some media coverage from Channel 9 as we left Melbourne this morning.  I think it was on the national news this evening.

For those who want to see photos of all the action, you can go to @painrevolutionride on facebook.

Thanks again for your support and donations and I’ll keep you update on progress as I go.

Day 2

A quick update.  We have arrived safely in Lorne.  The descent into Lorne was truly spectacular.  The group finished the day off with a swim at the beach.  I’d forgotten how cold Victorian waters were!

Another 130kms today however it was relatively cruisy.  We had a nice tail breeze.  The elements have been very kind so far and may it continue!

Tomorrow is the toughest day on the schedule.  We are riding from Lorne to Port Campbell so right along the Great Ocean Road.  130km of coastline and some big hills apparently.  Will be truly spectacular.

I’ll let you know how I go!

Day 3

The hardest leg (at least on paper) has been conquered!  We started the day at Lorne and finished at the Twelve Apostles and then a quick bus ride to Warnambool.  Simply spectacular scenery along the way.  Again the weather was kind to us.  We had a gentle easterly blowing us along the Great Ocean Road.  The hills, or should I say mountains, were tough.  We did a total of 2km elevation today.  For the cyclists on the email, you will appreciate how difficult that is!  Another 130kms done and dusted.  There are further Pain Revolution seminars in Warnambool this evening.

Day 4 looks easier on paper and again the winds look favourable.  Warnambool to Portland.  Days 5 and 6 look tough due to Northerly winds picking up.  I am feeling stronger as each day goes and am really confident I will complete the 7 days without an issue…however I’m sure that can change quickly!

If you want to see some of the scenery yourselves, go to @painrevolutionride on facebook and #painrevolution on twitter.  There are some awesome shots apparently.

Day 4

Day 4 is now complete!   A relatively easy day on the road.  105kms of reasonably flat terrain from Warnambool to Portland.  It was nice to get out of the hills!  We had some tricky cross winds to deal with however with a bit of teamwork, all was fine.  There are no seminars or public lectures this evening so we can rest up.  Day 5 and 6 loom as hard days with heavy head winds…and I thought the cross winds were bad!

We took the opportunity to take some snaps along the way and they are attached for you to have a look at.  The Gentle Bear has quickly become the mascot of the tour after I briefed the group on the it (and Gallagher Bassett) at this morning’s breakfast.  There will also be plenty of the Gentle Bear on Facebook (@painrevolutionride) as well if you are interested.  What has become apparent to me is that there are clear links to what the Gentle Bear is all about and to what the Pain Revolution is all about, that is, to take one’s mind off pain and focus on the positive.  Pretty cool.

Day 5

We have just completed the ride from Portland to Mt Gambier.  It was a 110km journey into a pretty severe head wind, so not much fun!  The group did a good job of sharing the load and supporting the not so strong riders.  Every made it here safely.

We took some nice pics of the blue lake on the ride in.   We have a public seminar tonight at 5.30 in which our local Mt Gambier based Return to Work Specialists are attending.   On the road early tomorrow for a 130km ride to Robe.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Thanks for the supportive emails along the way.  I really appreciate it.

Day 6

Just a quick one given it’s the weekend.

We have made it safely to Murray Bridge.  We rode 135kms from Mt Gambier to Robe.  It was beautiful at Beachport and there are some great shots were taken that are now on the facebook - @painrevolutionride

The forecast head winds did not eventuate so it was actually pretty good today!  We had a couple of beverages on the bus trip from Robe to Murray Bridge which was a good way to wind down!

Tomorrow brings Day 7 and the final ride.  90kms winding through the Adelaide Hills.  The forecast is ordinary and it will not be leisurely however we are looking forward to having some hills to climb again after the flats.  Whilst it has been an absolute blast, it will be great to get home and see the family.

Day 7

Hi All,

Well, we arrived back safely in Adelaide yesterday.  Job done!

The last leg was a killer.  For those not familiar with the terrain, it is essentially 100km from Murray Bridge to Adelaide, most of it being uphill!  It was a total of 1.3km of elevation gain into some serious head winds and rain on the way.  Hard Yakka!  I’m pleased to say that despite these challenges, everyone managed to finish.  It was a real highlight to be welcomed back into Adelaide with a police escort from Norwood to the City Centre!  This is something I have never experienced before.  Family and friends were there to greet us at the welcome home function, which was very much appreciated.

Whilst it was a wonderful experience and one that I will never forget, it’s always good to be home!

Thanks once again to you all for your support.  Together, we have managed to raise a whopping $3,754.22 to the cause!!!!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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