Meet go-getter, Michelle Scott-our General Insurance Operations Manager

Michelle Scott joined GB in August 2004 as a Claims Consultant on the HIH Claims Support Scheme. After a few years working in claims roles, she moved into the role of Operations Manager, first with the HIH Claims Support project and now with Comcover.

As an Operations Manager her role is centred on ensuring the team provide services in line with our contract so a lot of compliance and client liaison.

We sat down with Michelle and found out about her career progression, accomplishments and time spent at GB.

What do you enjoy most about working at GB?

Not to come across as clichéd but its definitely the people. Even when we may encounter challenges that test us a little, there is always unwavering support in my immediate team and also more broadly within GB. There is always a real sense of wanting to help, shared purpose and camaraderie - particularly when people do what I want them to do…

What do you enjoy most about working with clients?

The work we do in GI often requires us to work collaboratively with the client, other stakeholders in government and third parties. This high level of cooperation and collaboration actively demonstrates our expertise to the client and the value we add to their business. Its great seeing that positive impact first hand.

What are you looking forward to doing/being involved in at GB this year, and how will this impact clients?

We are operating in an increasingly digital world with people looking for more effective and efficient ways of interacting with businesses. There are a number of IT innovations on the horizon in the next 12 months that will improve the way we interact and provide our expertise to our client and our claimants. For example, IT have developed a protype of an app to enable the lodgement of medical expenses claims via smart phones or tablets which will significantly streamline the submission of claims, enable us to be more responsive and improve the claimant experience. All of which translate to a happy (happier!) client.

What are some of your accomplishments during your time at GB that you are most proud of?

The most important accomplishments have been those achieved by my team – successfully running off the HIH Claims Support Scheme and winning the Comcover tender – twice. I’ll unashamedly take the team’s glory as mine!

How has GB supported you and your career?

There has been support from GB on a number of levels. I’ve been provided opportunities for training and professional development. There was amazing support and flexibility to find suitable work arrangements following my return for maternity leave. Most importantly for me, my managers have also afforded me, where appropriate, a high level of autonomy in my role which I think has had a substantial positive impact on skill development.

Any humorous or ‘stand out’ memories from your time at GB that you’d like to share?

There actually isn’t one stand out memory that I can share that won’t prove career limiting. My life at GB has been punctuated by a number of really great moments that arise from the most innocuous situations such as decorating work spaces for ‘special days’.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I drink a lot of coffee and I am still trying to master golf. I also have a have a five year old son so play a lot of Ninjago - I get to be Nya.

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General Insurance Operations Manager, Michelle Scott.





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