John McNamara attends CEO Roundtable at Diversity Council Australia

Gallagher Bassett Australia’s CEO John McNamara attended the CEO Roundtable hosted by the Diversity Council Australia (DCA).

The Roundtable was a discussion focused on diversity and inclusion in the workplaces of those present, and in Australia as a whole.

It covered topics including:

  • The merits of setting targets, and the impact this might have on achieving gender equity in leadership
  • Challenges around cultural diversity in leadership
  • Creating more universal flexible working programs and parental leave options
  • Expanding the breadth of diversity and inclusion beyond gender, to include other diverse attributes such as culture, age, disability, caring responsibilities, LGBTQI+ identity and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity.

John found the experience to be educational and eye opening:

"It was fantastic to participate in the DCA CEO Roundtable. In particular, I enjoyed the chance to understand the other CEO’s perspectives on the discussion topics, and to talk openly as a group about how we as leaders can truly embrace diversity and inclusion within our own organisations.

I’d like to thank the DCA for the providing me with the opportunity to participate in the Roundtable."

John has been passionate about enacting diversity and inclusion at GB, and welcomed the opportunity to connect with other leaders to share strategies and promote inclusive workplaces.

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