Interview - How the Skills and Experience in Broking Can Set you up for Success in Insurance

Scott Newland, General Manager – Government and Long-Tail Claims at Gallagher Bassett (GB), recently sat down with Insurance Business.

In the interview How Broking Can Help your Insurance Career, Scott provides unique insights into his career and discusses how the skills and expertise gathered by insurance brokers often serve them well across many different career paths in insurance.

Scott talked about how working for an insurance broker helped him in gaining a deeper understanding of the client at the heart of the claims process.

Before joining GB, Scott was a manager in an operations team in Marsh. In this role, his biggest takeaways were the importance of the customer experience, professionalism and adding value.

Scott explains that his experience of working for a broker allowed him to understand the role of an intermediary in the insurance process:

“It helped me appreciate the value that a broker can bring to a client in terms of their value add and their expertise, and I certainly see that within my role now.”

“Claims is all we do and we’re very good at it, and being able to use that expertise and understanding of the value chain to help guide clients with confidence, and to obtain the best possible results is really important.”

The importance of professionalism and client care is particularly important to Scott:

“Most companies, corporates or ‘mum and dad’ businesses will buy their insurance for the protection at the time that they need it most, and claims is really when that comes to fruition and people really need their insurance to come through. For me, professionalism is a feature that’s really translated from broking into claims management.”

The full interview can be viewed here.

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