Heads Up for a Healthier Workplace

Gallagher Bassett joins beyondblue in their new campaign, Heads Up, to support employers to create a mentally healthy work environment.

Heads Up provides employers with practical tools such as posters, flyers and conversation starters to raise awareness, support employees with mental health conditions and prevent workplace discrimination.

GB recognises the benefits of a mentally healthy work environment, both for businesses and the wider community.

One in five Australian workers is currently experiencing a mental health condition resulting in over six million lost work days every year. Many of these conditions are left untreated for various reasons, including fear of the attached stigma.

Kevin St Mart of beyondblue guided GB Business Account Managers today to learn of the services and resources available to employers.

While the program and resources are extremely accessible and easy to navigate, GB hopes the additional knowledge available through our Business Account Managers will provide employers with confidence to engage in the program and the personalised action plans available to improve the mental health of the workplace.

For a quick overview of the benefits of a healthy workplace view the two minute Heads Up Business Case Video here

Promoting a mentally healthy work environment is a top priority for GB and we encourage all employers to take the first step toward a productive and healthier future.

To learn more about the program and resources available to you visit www.headsup.org.au or contact Lucy Edmonds on (08) 8394 4767 or Lucy_Edmonds@gbtpa.com.au

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