Gentle Bear provides comfort to children in Fiji

Mahendra Narotam, GB’s Senior Client Manager visits Suva, Fiji annually to do volunteer work for the Sai Prema Foundation, a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) founded to serve the poor and underprivileged people of Fiji through Medicare, Educare and Sociocare initiatives.

During his recent trip in April, he visited 30 children who had had paediatric heart surgery. One week after surgery, the Sai Prema Foundation held a day where children and their parents were given gifts and goodie bags. This was done on 23rd April (see photos below).

Mahendra took 30 Gentle Bears with him to Fiji which were distributed and the bears are now safely in the hands of the children needing a little comfort during their recovery.

While in Suva, Mahendra also helped along with several other volunteers in doing preparatory work for the opening of a free Medical Centre in Suva. The medical centre was established to serve the country’s less privileged members of society, with particular emphasis on women & child health. The Prime Minster of Fiji, Frank Bainimarama was there to open the clinic on the 27th of April

Gentle Bear is a calming force all over the world, present in hospitals, schools, Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Kids for Cancer and a number of other charities.

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