Gentle Bear provides a helping hand to Cameron Park Rural Fire Brigade

Gallagher Bassett’s (GB) Gentle Bear has been working hard to comfort children experiencing traumatic situations.

He has recently been supporting Cameron Park Rural Fire Brigade in New South Wales. Staff at the Brigade has been handing out the bears to young children experiencing traumatic events.

Cameron Park Rural Fire Brigade said,

“A very special welcome to a very important new recruit. G Bear, or Gentle as he prefers to be known resides on our trucks and other emergency service vehicles to be given to young children experiencing traumatic events.”

“The brigade would like to thank icare and Gallagher Bassett for his safe delivery and their continued support of such a service.”

The teddy bears serves as an emotional aid to distract a child’s attention from the immediate, distressing situation by providing a recognisable, reassuring and safe object to latch on to.

John McNamara, GB Australia CEO, was grateful to hand over the bears to such a worthwhile cause.

“Our Gentle Bears are a symbol of caring and compassion. We hope our Gentle Bears can help to comfort and support children experiencing traumatic situations,” said John.

Gentle bear has been busy in the past year! He has recently expanded his mission to Western Australia to support young children with disabilities, toured the Northern Territory to support his friends at the NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services, and even visited Chimpanzees the Jane Goodall Chimp Rehab Centre in South Africa.
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