GB Releases New Posters Based on Client Suggestions

Gallagher Bassett (GB) recently released myGB Poster Designer, an online tool that helps employers promote health and safety in their workplace using dozens of customisable posters.

In Australia alone, Safe Work Australia estimates that work-related injuries and diseases cost the economy more than $61.8 billion. However, many workplace injuries can be avoided through improved employee education and communication.

myGB Poster Designer is a free online tool which allows employers to run targeted health and safety campaigns in their workplace. This is achieved through customising posters covering many of the most important health and safety challenges organisations face.

New posters have been recently added which are designed by GB’s team of health and safety experts. They span a number of industries as well as health and safety topics, including:

  • Seven Principles of Effective Injury Management
  • Always Maintain Three Points of Contact when Mounting and Dismounting Equipment
  • Heads Up Phone Down
  • Needlestick Injury Prevention
  • Identify Fall Hazards
  • Prevent Injuries on Stairs
  • Have you had an Injury at Work? – Agriculture Industry
  • Wear Your Personal Protection Equipment

Each of these posters can be viewed on myGB Poster Designer.

Drew Spilsbury, General Manager - Marketing and Communications, recently mentioned in an interview with ANZIIF,

“While our internal experts have developed some fantastic content, GB also recognises the amazing passion and expertise of our clients and the broader health and safety industry.”

“That’s why we’re turning the power to decide what gets added to Poster Designer to its users — we really want this to be something to benefit the entire industry.”

You can read the complete interview here.

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