Gallagher Bassett Releases Online Portal to Support Injured Workers

Gallagher Bassett’s (GB) Victorian Workers’ Compensation team is pleased to launch an online Portal to support injured workers and employers. Users can easily access helpful claim information and tools, and upload documents relating to existing claims.

A variety of claims information can be submitted via the online Portal, including certificates of capacity, invoices, reimbursements and requests for treatment.

Michelle Klobas, Client Services Director, said of the Portal’s launch:

“We understand that a workers’ compensation claim can be hard to navigate and we are motivated to do whatever it takes to make the process easier. The online Portal provides a streamlined approach for injured workers and employers submitting claim information for existing claims. As the information directly enters the GB system, it bypasses the need for multiple emails.”

Using the online Portal is simple. Visit the document uploader on the home page, add your name and the relevant claim number, then upload the information by either taking a photo of it or attaching a document or image from your device.

“A unique feature of the Portal is that it’s website based, meaning that you can bookmark it on your device and easily access it at a later date,” Michelle added.

The benefits of submitting the documents via the Portal include faster processing of documents, treatment decisions for claims, payments and reimbursements.

“By submitting this information via the Portal, it helps our claims professionals to process your request more quickly, leading to faster decisions and payments,” said Michelle.

When asked about the online Portal's uptake, Michelle added: 

“We launched it last Wednesday and already we’ve been monitoring its uptake. We’ve had around 71 emails to date and we’ve already received positive feedback.

A couple of examples were that current weekly earnings were submitted, and we were able to make payment within 24 hours. We’ve had some great results already.”

The GB Portal can be accessed here. For more information, reach out to your GB Case Manager and they will happily guide you through it.

GB is as an authorised Victorian Workers’ Compensation agent. Whether you need to set up or transfer Victorian workers’ compensation insurance, or you’re an employer, injured worker or broker/accountant/bookkeeper looking to manage your WorkCover insurance we’re here to help you.

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