Gallagher Bassett Acquires Fullerton Health Corporate Services

Gallagher Bassett (GB) has acquired Fullerton Health Corporate Services (FHCS) from Fullerton Health Australia, part of the Singapore based Fullerton Healthcare Group.

Based in Sydney, Fullerton Health Corporation Services provide third party administration solutions for corporate and retail clients across Australia, specialising in claims management and processing within Accident and Health services.

The acquisition significantly expands GB’s General Insurance claims management division across all classes of General Insurance.

Scott Hudson, Global President and CEO of GB is pleased about the FHCS acquisition saying,

“FHCS makes a terrific addition to our Australian claims management operations.”

“The strong relationships they have established with insurers, brokers and the Lloyd’s market should allow us to explore cross-selling opportunities for additional Gallagher Bassett products and services.”

The acquisition will see GB become the single largest claims provider of accident health in Australia. The acquisition is an opportunity to leverage expertise and relationships from two high performing teams to maximise outcomes for existing clients.

John McNamara, GB-Australia CEO is looking forward to offering a range of benefits to FHCS Client Partners saying,

“The acquisition of FHCS will leverage expertise and relationships from two high performing teams to maximise outcomes for existing clients and offer an enhanced range of products and services.”

The partnership will also create future business and employment opportunities, in particular opportunities for a more competitive range of products and services across corporate, government, broker and insurer markets.

James Needle, General Manager of FHCS has joined GB as part of the transition and will continue to provide leadership to the FHCS team.

“We’re pleased to be joining the GB team.GB shares our passion for claims management services and delivering great results, therefore I’m really looking forward to the work we’ll do together to continue to provide high quality services to our clients,” said James.

The acquisition opens up a whole new line of services for GB clients. To find out more about our Accident and Health claims services, follow this link.

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