Celebrating Excellence at the 2021 GB Awards – Meet the Transition Project Team

Every year, Gallagher Bassett (GB) hosts the GB Awards - a celebration of our people and a chance to stop and reflect on the amazing work they do each and every day.

This year there were nine award categories. They include:

• Internal Customer Service Provider of the Year
• External Customer Service Provider of the Year
• Emerging Leader of the Year
• Impact Leader of the Year
• Claims Manager of the Year
• Sales Person of the Year
• Process Challenger of the Year
• The National Gallagher Way Award
• Business Impact Award.

The ‘Under Excess Payments Transition Project Team’, were recognised with the Process Challenger of the Year award! The project team consists of:

• Julia Webber, Senior Systems Accountant
• Robert Bancroft, Payments Practices Manager
• Andrea Moffat, Senior Client Manager

Kim Dunne, Operations Manager, nominated the team:

“This project delivered superior client outcomes to WCVIC clients by improving the Under Excess Payment process.

This was a team effort, requiring the involvement from many different parts of the business.

Benefits included a significant cost saving, process efficiency saving, the ability to offer a solution to new clients as well as standardisation of reporting. In addition, manual processes have been replaced with standardised system.”

Julia was the project manager, overseeing system development:

“I like being presented with a problem and being able to work through to implement a solution. It is rewarding seeing a concept come to reality and make an impact.

This project worked well as we all had our role to play.

It felt great to be making a difference, creating a modern ‘fit for purpose’ system with a single, standard output for all under excess clients.”

Andrea, who acted as the client lead, described the project:

“We consolidated two platforms into a single, cost effective platform.

Throughout the transition, we provided assurance to our customers and kept them informed, which required proactive communication to internal stakeholders to ensure they were updated throughout each stage of the project.”

Robert, the operations lead, enjoyed the collaborative nature of the project:

“For me, iterative problem-solving and cross-silo collaboration was the most enjoyable part of the project.

Our original payment systems were quite old, and the people who developed them were no longer with the company.

So, piecing together information, figuring out who to talk to, and problem-solving with other team members was crucial.”

There was a total of 51 nominations over the nine categories.

John McNamara, GB Australia Chief Executive Officer, said:

“I’d like to once again thank all of the people who took the time to nominate their colleagues for an award this year. I really love seeing our GB family members supporting each other and celebrating each other’s success and achievements.

Congratulations again to all of our nominees, finalists and winners. It’s inspiring to read all the examples of the ways that our people from all parts of the business are living The Gallagher Way, and demonstrating that our people are our strength.”

Want to learn more about GB’s vision and values? Check out The Gallagher Way here.

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