The Best Work Apps to Help You Stay Productive and Connected From Home

Use these work apps to avoid distractions and moments of laziness that comes with having to be your own boss.

According to a report called "State of Remote Work" by Buffer, an overwhelming majority (84%) of remote workers prefer to work from home over anywhere else.

The conclusion of the report: remote work is here to stay and growing immensely in popularity. 

The problem with working from home is it is much easier to get distracted at the comfort of your home rather than in the office.

Keep reading for a list of work apps that will help you avoid distractions, stay connected, and produce your best work from home.

1. Momentum

Momentum is an app for anyone who struggles with discipline. One of the hardest parts of working remotely is being able to discipline yourself to stay on task and get work done.

With Momentum all you have to do is input your most important goal to get done for the day, and how much time is left to get it done.

Momentum will take care of the rest. Every time you open a new tab, Momentum will remind you of what you have left to do and how much time you have left to get it done.

2. Slack

Slack is a great communication app for remote workers. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry right now and is being used by some of the biggest companies around the globe including AirBnB and Target.

Slack helps bring workers together no matter how far away they are. It makes communication with remote workers very simple. By utilising what they call "channels," it helps to organize your conversations into a list of topics that you can choose from.

Slack also has a new feature that lets you share your screen with colleagues, making it easier to bring the team together.

3. Todoist

Todoist is just like the name implies, it is a to-do list app. Todoist has helped people complete over 1.5 billion tasks, and is being used by some of the largest companies worldwide including Amazon, Facebook, and Disney. 

Todoist is designed to help you feel in control at all times of the day. It helps to organise and keep track of everything important. It lets you easily organise tasks and projects so you know where you are and how much longer you have to go. 

With Todoist, you can also assign certain projects or tasks to anyone you would like.

There is also Todoist Karma, which rewards you for completing tasks and gives you a visual representation of how productive you have been. 

You can connect Todoist with many apps including Dropbox, Zapier, and Amazon Alexa. 

4. Focus

Just like the name implies, the Focus app will help you stay on track while working remotely.

It's easy to fall into the trap of social media when working from home. Most people expect to just casually check to see what is going on with their friend and families and end up getting sucked into the social media black hole of endless scrolling.

Focus, will help take care of that for you. Focus allows you to block websites that may distract you while you are supposed to be working. It's a great app for anyone who finds themselves saying "just a quick check will be fine."

5. Calendar 

With our lives becoming more and more complex every day, wouldn't it be great to have something to keep track of everything for you?

With Calendar, that idea is quickly becoming a reality. Calendar utilises artificial intelligence to help create a unique experience just for you. With one-click scheduling, time zone recognition and multi-person scheduling, Calendar will help you become more efficient and productive. 

With a new feature called Calendar Analytics, you can easily track and see where your time is being spent, and where you can improve. 

6. Evernote

Taking notes has never been so easy. With Evernote, you can quickly jot down notes, ideas, and even save web articles or pictures. 

Evernote makes sharing easy with features that help share your notes with colleagues that you can view on any device.

Having an easy way to take notes can make a huge difference when working from home. Evernote also makes organising and syncing manageable with tags and other features.  

7. Noisli

When you are used to working in a busy office, working from home can be rather quiet. But for many working from home can be too noisy with neighbours yelling or dogs barking.

There is a solution for this problem, an app called Noisli. It creates a perfect sound environment for you to stay on track and avoid distractions. With 28 different high-quality background sounds, you are sure to find one that works for you.

Noisli also offers a timer to help make sure you stay on track but are not burning yourself out. Another great feature is their distraction-free text editor, that provides a distraction-free writing place for you.

8. LastPass

If you are like the most remote workers, you probably have many passwords to remember. With LastPass, you will never need to remember your passwords again.

LastPass is an all-in-one password manager. When a password is saved with LastPass, you will always have it. They make logging in very simple and easy to use.

The app has a built-in password generator to help make sure your passwords are strong and not at risk of being hacked. You can also store digital records with LastPass like insurance cards and memberships. 

In the event of an emergency LastPass can be set up to allow trusted friends and family access the information.

For More Information on Working Productively at Remotely

You now have a toolbox of helpful work apps that will make working remotely much easier. These apps will help you stay productive and connected with colleagues. 

For more information and tips on staying productive at work, check out our blog!

Disclaimer: The advice and guidelines recommended in this article may change in the future as more and new information becomes available.

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