47 Return To Work Specialists ready to support South Australian Business

On 30th March Gallagher Bassett South Australia (GB SA) launched its full complement of Return To Work Specialists, providing personalised mobile claims management services to South Australian employers.

sa-team Gallagher Bassett Return To Work Specialists team.

This achievement supports the new Return to Work Act 2014, which will take effect from 1 July 2015.

GB SA has ensured an early implementation to provide South Australia’s employers sufficient opportunity to incorporate the service within their own practices ahead of the 1st July legislation enactment.

While the first 16 Return To Work Specialists commenced in mid-February, an additional 31 mobile Specialists have now seen the program rolled out to all Gallagher Bassett clients.

Since the introduction of the mobile claims management service, Return to Work Specialist, Danni Birchmore, has noticed a real difference in the engagement with employers and injured workers at their workplace.

”Being on the road is making a real difference to workers’ confidence”, Danni stated.

”Having someone there face to face, supporting the worker and the employer through the return to work process, has really increased engagement”.

Employers are encouraged to engage with their assigned Return to Work Specialist and Account Manager to ensure they are equipped to maximise the benefits of the new RTW process.

The enthusiasm demonstrated by Gallagher Bassett’s new Return To Work Specialists underpins the International Service Team of the Year award recently presented to Gallagher Bassett South Australia. The award presented at the International Power of Gallagher biennial conference acknowledged Gallagher Bassett’s contribution to the unprecedented improvements achieved in the SA Scheme, as well as its rapid deployment of the new Return To Work model.

For information regarding the new Return To Work Specialists and the RTW Scheme reforms:

  • Speak to your Return To Work Specialist
  • Speak to your Business Account Manager
  • GB’s Scheme Reform Hotline on 08 8394 4719
  • Email SA_Reform@gbtpa.com.au

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