Introducing GB's Life and Disability Team Leader

With 19 years of life insurance experience, Michael Wedesweiler joined the GB team in March this year as Team Leader of the inaugural Life and Disability division, a new team who are providing claims management services to the insurance industry.

As the Life and Disability team are well underway with services on a significant contract, Michael’s main focus is leading the dedicated team of life claims assessors.

The team are providing a focused and quality service to clients with optimum capacity, and achieving outstanding results in the way of accurate benefit calculations, financial, medical and occupational assessments, attention to detail, improved customer service including quality communication, and the best outcome for the customer, the insurer and reinsurer.

The team’s collective experience brings a wider understanding of the commercial impact of sound risk management. This extends to managing and mitigating potential risk, reputational or otherwise, by conducting peer reviews and quality assurance on every completed claim file review.

Michael strongly believes in transparent relationships where there are no surprises, and is committed to providing a different perspective towards customers and claim files, focusing on communication, and with sound decision making leading to a clear strategy, focus and outcome.

Michael has worked across a range of claims roles in both the Group and Retail space throughout his career, and has completed the Australia and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) Diploma in Financial Services.

“Joining GB was a fantastic opportunity to use my experience to lead a start-up team and achieve exceptional results from the onset. We are a small team with a wealth of knowledge and are dedicated and confident in making a positive impact for our clients.”

Here at GB we believe in providing quality innovative solutions for our customers and take pride in passionately striving for professional excellence as a team. For more information on life and disability please contact us here.


 Life and Disability Team Leader, Michael Wedesweiler

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