GB HBCF Team goes live supporting NSW homeowners

GB's Home Building Compensation Fund (hbcf) team is now live in Sydney, providing service and support to homeowners across New South Wales.

In the weeks following icare announcing GB as the new claims manager for the NSW Home Building Compensation Fund (hbcf), our hbcf team have been all systems go.

Since 3 October GB have been responsible for managing all new claims, with existing claims being transitioned from the incumbent Claims Managers by 15 December.

With twelve staff appointed, formal training was undertaken in the initial weeks of transition. An integral training component was to utilise icare’s Guidewire platform, which also handles claims payments directly through icare’s payment gateway.

On-site weekly training with hbcf and interaction with icare continues, enhancing GB’s services to both homeowners and icare.

Scott Newland, GB’s National Operations Manager- General Insurance, is confident in the work of the hbcf team and spoke highly of the claims management model being used.

“At GB we have a bespoke claims management model which represents a mix of claims management strategies, service initiatives and technology-based solutions which have all been tailored to suit the needs of the hbcf scheme.”

“As a business, we are recognised within the industry for our innovative claims management model and we are confident with the team of highly experienced claims staff we are going to continue providing an exceptional quality of claims management and improve service for NSW homeowners.”

For all relevant details, please do not hesitate to visit the icare hbcf website for further updates.

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